In 1948, a group of St. Louis women envisioned an organization dedicated solely to the purpose of the providing services to those in our community suffering from cancer. Their dream became reality in April of 1949 when the St. Louis Peregrine Society (originally incorporated as the St. Louis Cancer Society) was formed. The mission then as now was to “improve the quality of life of cancer patients living in St. Louis City and County.”

It was a huge undertaking but the ladies were up to the task. They enlisted the aid of many women’s church clubs, professional sororities and social clubs to help spread the word of the fledgling agency and to provide our base of support which is still relied upon today. These groups, which at one time numbered over 200, have provided us with a steady stream of volunteers and supporters not to mention nearly all of those who have served on our board of directors.



Our mission remains unchanged. We are dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients in St. Louis City and St. Louis County through a variety of service programs offered free of charge. In 2013 we provided the following:

  • 1,105 New Referrals
  • 2,481 Clients Served
  • 2,808 Home Deliveries
  • 191,164 Supplements Delivered (cans)
  • 3,170 Transportation to Treatments
  • 637 Prescriptions Provided
  • 67,878 Medical Supplies Distributed
  • 57 Equipment Loaned
  • 11,129 Volunteer-made Items Provided