Our Place in the Community

In 2013, the Peregrine Society added 1,105 new patients to bring the total number of cancer patients served to over 2,400.

Nutritional Supplements

Our services include providing Nutritional Supplements with physician approval.


Our services include Transportation for radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Prescription Assistance

We provide Prescription Medication Assistance for uninsured and under-insured cancer patients.

About Us

In 1948, a group of St. Louis women envisioned an organization dedicated solely to the purpose of the providing services to those in our community suffering from cancer.


ince 1949, Peregrine has enjoyed the support of hundreds of volunteers who help in a number of ways.


Funding comes from caring people like you. Peregrine has a small staff of four employees which allows 86¢ of each dollar donated to go directly to our service programs.

Contact Us

You can contact us by phone, email, or by visiting our office in St. Louis City.


Additional Transportation Support Available

This is kind of a bad news/good news story. FIRST the bad news … for the first time in 31 years, the St. Louis Peregrine Society will not be hosting the annual Branson Trip for kids with cancer and their families due to Covid-19. Disappointing to be sure. But the trip will be back in 2021 and we can’t wait to once again host this amazing trip. As bad as that news is, there is some GOOD NEWS to report. The $20,000 that was set aside for the 2020 Branson trip will now be used to provide additional transportation support for Peregrine Society patients. That translates into approximately 1,000 more rides to treatments. We learned that the American Cancer Society had suspended some services, including transportation, indefinitely during this health crisis. At Peregrine, we understand that cancer doesn’t take a break and that, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic, cancer patients’ needs don’t go away. We have been open throughout and continue to provide services in a safe and responsible manner. We are happy to re-purpose these funds at a time when transportation needs remain great and resources are lessened.


Our Place in the Community

Once described “as unique to St. Louis as the Arch”, the Peregrine Society fills a void by providing services and supplies, not typically covered by insurance, to cancer patients residing in St. Louis city or county and by assisting uninsured or under-insured patients with services critical to their care.

In 2014, the Peregrine Society added 1079 new patients to bring the total number of cancer patients served to over 2,300. All services are provided free of charge. (Click Here to view service programs and forms).

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Peregrine Society Interview Video:

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